Hi, I'm WICster!

I'm a virtual WIC companion that uses nudging to encourage, educate, and motivate caregivers to reach their health and nutrition goals, by stimulating behavior change towards healthy lifestyles.

Learn nutritional information with ease

We know that as a caregiver, you already have enough on your plate and that your time is extremely valuable.

With WICster, you don’t have to worry about searching for trustworthy nutritional information. Tips and recipes are sent directly to you through text. You can control when and how often you receive the texts.

Only receive what’s relevant to you and your family

WICster makes sure to only send you information that is valuable to you and your family. Receive tips on feeding transitions, picky eating, teething, portion size, food and, sleeping safety, and more!

Nutritional tips are based on your preferred topics and the stage your children are in, and recipes are based on your unique PA WIC benefit plan.

Monitor your goals

Enter a goal you and your family are working on, and WICster will keep you on track! He’ll help you set an achievable, measurable, and attainable goal, send you reminders, and allow you to track your progress. Change or edit your goal at any time!

Feel good about your progress

Raising a family is hard and deserves acknowledgement and celebration. WICster will cheer you on when you’re moving towards reaching your goal and be there to encourage you on rainy days too.

Do even more with the WICster app

Browse tips and recipes using the WICster app

With WICster, you can search for nutritional tips or recipes by keyword. You can also filter tips or recipes by category or PA WIC member! Save tips or recipes for later use.

Use the app to plan your day

Let WICster help you plan your day. Using the calendar feature, you can plan recipes or nutritional tips that you hope to use for the day. If you plan ahead, WICster will remind you of your plan when the day comes!

Strengthen PA WIC

WICster allows participants to input their preferences and give feedback on nutritional resources. With this input, PA WIC can gain insight on what participants find helpful and further improve content that is more customized to the needs of the participants.

WICster will allow participants to continuously receive great value from PA WIC, improving the retention rates, participation and engagement rates, and image of the program.

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